4 Most Affordable Carpet Brands for Homeowners

When shopping for carpeting products, many homeowners think that all they need to worry about is choosing a color that matches the rest of their home’s décor. However, this is not the case. These days, there are many different brands, types and styles of carpeting to choose from – as well as an extensive range of colors. This ensures that virtually everyone will be able to find an option that suits them.

One of the main factors to consider while in the process of choosing carpeting is the price (although this should not be the only factor to consider). Although carpeting can generally be quite expensive, there are a few brands and options that are far more affordable than others, but that are still just as attractive, aesthetically pleasing and durable as some of the more expensive brands. Below are 4 of the more affordable carpet brands for homeowners to choose from.

  1. Shaw Floors

Although this company’s products are known for being some of the best in the carpeting industry, they also have a wide range of highly affordable carpeting options for homeowners to choose from. Shaw Floors is able to produce their products in an extensive range of color and pattern options as well, ensuring that there is as much choice available as possible when shopping for carpets.

Although Shaw’s products are some of the most affordable in the industry, the company has been able to offer their R2X soil and stain protection on most of them, which ensures that they remain looking good as new for as long as possible after being laid. Another additional benefit that buyers can enjoy when purchasing many of the products in this company’s carpeting range is that they are sold with a 20 year warranty. This is not something that is often seen in any industry these days, let alone when it comes to flooring products.

Many of Shaw’s products have also been manufactured with their unique LifeGuard waterproof backing. This helps repel water and many other forms of liquid, preventing it from being absorbed right into the fibers or into the floor underneath the carpeting. This company is also one of few that offer a recycling network for old and unwanted carpet products.

  1. Tuftex Carpets of California

Although the products produced by Tuftex are of an extremely high quality, they are also known for having a few rather affordable options for floor coverings as well. With more than 160 different products to choose from, homeowners will be more than just spoiled for choice when browsing through all of the available colors, textures, styles and patterns.

Tuftex’s carpets are highly stain resistant and durable as well, meaning that homeowners will be able to enjoy having them in their properties for many years after they have been installed – provided that they are correctly cared for. This is one of the best brands for homeowners to consider if they are on a tight budget.

  1. Capel Carpets

Established in 1917, Capel Carpets and Rugs supply an extensively wide range of area rug products to the US population. The company has more than 10,000 rugs listed in its catalog, meaning that any homeowner anywhere in the country will be hard-pressed to not find something suitable for their properties in it. If you already have existing wall to wall carpets, adding a few of the rugs from the Capel range will not only help brighten up your home’s interior; it will help protect wall to wall carpets in high traffic areas well – provided that they are placed in areas such as hallways and in doorways.

As with the other brands mentioned here, Capel’s rugs are available in many different texture, color and pattern varieties. Homeowners can choose form area rugs that have been manufactured from genuine wool, chenille, polypropylene or the company’s secret blend – all of which are known to produce beautiful and attractive end results. This is also one of few companies that can boast that its products are all 100% reversible.

  1. Stainmaster

This is another great brand that has become well-known for its high level of affordability – and durability. Some of the most popular options include the Active Family range and the Essential carpeting selection. Both of these ranges are available in many different color and style options, giving homeowners a great variety to choose from.

Although the carpets in this range are quite durable, they are not really designed to withstand excessively high levels of foot traffic. This means that they are usually better suited to rooms that will not be used on a regular basis.

When shopping for carpets, it’s important to ensure that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford. This will enable you to obtain a decent quality carpet that will serve you for more than just a few years.

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