The 5 Best Carpet Brands for Pet Owners

When shopping for carpets, pet owners have to ensure that they are choosing products that will be able to withstand occasional accidents and high foot (or paw) traffic – while still looking as attractive as possible. One of the main aspects to consider when shopping for pet-friendly carpeting is its resistance levels to stains, spills and general soiling – and of course, whether there are any continuous loops for animal claws to become caught in. Below are 5 of the most popular brands of carpet that are deemed the friendliest in the floor covering industry.

  1. Shaw Floors

A large number of carpet products in this company’s ranges have been specially treated with R2X carpet soil and stain protection as well as the LifeGuard moisture repelling treatment. This helps ensure that any pet-related accidents will be able to be cleaned up as quickly and easily as possible without the risk of permanent damage or staining occurring.

When purchasing carpets from this range, it’s good to know that many of them are sold with as much as a 20 year warranty. This provides peace of mind in knowing that if the carpeting doesn’t stand up to the company’s promises, it will either be repaired or replaced. Some limitations may apply.

  1. Mohawk Industries

This company has been in business for more than 100 years, and their ranges have continually expanded to include more colors, textures and styles than ever before. Their SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting range is an excellent option for most pet owners because of the fact that it is so resistant to numerous stains and forms of dirt. In addition, this carpeting range is sold with an All Pet Protection and Warranty option, providing pet owners with peace of mind regarding their floor covering purchase.

  1. DuPont

Most of the carpet products in the DuPont range have been specially designed to be crush-resistant and not go ‘flat’ when exposed to excessively high levels of foot traffic. This makes then a fantastic option for owners of large dogs who are constantly in and out of the house, with many pet owners mentioning that their DuPont carpets have lasted for quite a few years before needing to be replaced.

A large number of the carpets available from DuPont have also been manufactured in such a way that they dry extremely quickly after they have been cleaned. This prevents the development of mold between the carpet fibers and also stops the carpets from smelling bad after cleaning as well.

  1. Beaulieu American Bliss

This company understands exactly what pet owners need in carpeting products and manufactures a wide range of polypropylene-based products – these are known for their high resistance levels to staining and soiling as a result of pet accidents. Quite a few of the products available from this carpeting company have been manufactured with a range of added features like Magic Fresh and Silver Release. The Magic Fresh option helps reduce the chance of the carpeting starting to smell bad over time, while the Silver Release is an antimicrobial treatment that has been applied to the fibers.

  1. Stainmaster

This company has released a dedicated Pet Protect range of carpeting products throughout the years. Although one of the main concerns pet owners may have with regards to having carpets installed in their homes is the fact that they are susceptible to soiling and staining due to pet accidents.

The Pet Protect carpeting products have not only been crafted to withstand as much soiling and staining as possible. Pet owners will be able to spend far less time cleaning and vacuuming that ever before because the fibers have been manufactured in such a way that they help repel pet hairs instead of having them cling to the carpet.

Choosing your Pet-Friendly Carpeting

When choosing pet-friendly carpeting, one of the recommendations that often come up is to select carpets that have designs or patterns on them. This helps reduce the appearance of pet hairs, especially on carpets that are lighter in color. Although the above mentioned carpet brands are extremely pet-friendly, this doesn’t mean that pet owners can forego cleaning and vacuuming them. It is strongly recommended that carpets be vacuumed once to twice a week – more often if you have animals that shed a lot of fur or that track a lot of dirt into the house.

Should any pet accidents or spills occur, these should also be cleaned up as soon as they are noticed. While these carpets are stain-resistant, it doesn’t mean that they will never stain. It simply means that you have a little extra time to perform cleanup before permanent staining becomes a real possibility. When cleaning carpeting, you should always ensure that you use products that have been recommended by the carpeting manufacturer.

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