The 5 Best Carpet Brands for Pet Owners

When shopping for carpets, pet owners have to ensure that they are choosing products that will be able to withstand occasional accidents and high foot (or paw) traffic – while still looking as attractive as possible. One of the main aspects to consider when shopping for pet-friendly carpeting is its resistance levels to stains, spills … Read more

4 Most Affordable Carpet Brands for Homeowners

When shopping for carpeting products, many homeowners think that all they need to worry about is choosing a color that matches the rest of their home’s décor. However, this is not the case. These days, there are many different brands, types and styles of carpeting to choose from – as well as an extensive range … Read more

Is it Possible to Have Next Day Carpet Installation?

Making a decision to replace existing carpeting or to have new carpeting installed in your home can seem like an overwhelming task. However, once you have chosen the right carpet, most carpet installation companies will be more than willing to deal with the task of delivering and installing your new carpet as well as the … Read more

What to Expect with Carpet Cleaning Prices

Regardless of the type of carpets you have in your home or office premises, they will all require some form of professional deep cleaning sooner or later. This means that most property owners who have carpeted areas in their homes or offices will want to know what they can expect with regards to carpet cleaning … Read more

What to Expect when Hiring Local Carpet Installers

When it comes to having carpeting installed in your home or office, chances are that you may not know who to call to get the job done. However, in most cases, you should be able to select from a vast range of local carpet installers that will get the job done quickly and professionally. Where … Read more

Understand the Benefits of a Loop Carpet

Adding a warm and comfortable look to a room may require more research and understanding. There are multiple types of carpet available in the market that range from natural to synthetic ones. A popular choice by many individuals is the loop carpet. Knowing more about this type and its benefits can help in getting the … Read more

Knowing the Berber Carpet by its Loops

The low profile, loopy, and basic construction of the berber carpet has increased in popularity over the years. Formerly used as a covering for basements, attic, and home offices, this type of carpet has now been associated to be used for all areas of the home – more specifically in the living room. The term … Read more

The Twisted Truth About Frieze Carpets

The frieze carpets, formerly referred to as shag carpets, are characterized by the tightly twisted fibers on their textured surface. Installing frieze carpeting on your floor will instantly create a comfortable, rugged, and shaggy feel to the room. Its texture gives a more distinct and unique look than other types of carpet. Usually, the twisted … Read more

Why Cheap Carpet Installation Is a Bad Idea

In most cases, having carpets installed in a home or office block can be an expensive experience. This often results in customers trying to shop around so that they can find the lowest possible prices. However, carpet installations are not something that should be done cheaply. Below are a few reasons why, as well as … Read more