Why Cheap Carpet Installation Is a Bad Idea

In most cases, having carpets installed in a home or office block can be an expensive experience. This often results in customers trying to shop around so that they can find the lowest possible prices. However, carpet installations are not something that should be done cheaply. Below are a few reasons why, as well as a few handy tips to ensure that property owners are able to get great deals on their next carpeting purchases.

You Get What You Pay For

Anyone who is considering having cheap carpet installation performed should remember that in many cases, the cheapest carpet products will not last longer than a few years at the most. This is because most cheap carpeting is known to fray, wear out, stretch and fade within a few months to a year or two at the most. In many instances, there is little to no warranty or guarantee with the cheaper carpet products either, which means that if something goes wrong, the property owner will have to pay again to have the carpeting replaced – in some cases, they may even have to pay a second time for the installation costs as well.

Finding a Bargain

Although cheap carpet installation is not recommended, there may be times when carpet suppliers are offering discounts or having sales on their merchandise. In cases like these, customers may be able to get better quality carpeting and flooring products at slightly lower than normal prices. However, when special offers are advertised, it is important for customers to make sure that they are purchasing all of the carpeting they need at the time, as many places will run promotional deals on their end of range products. This means that if a customer finds that they do not have enough carpeting to complete a job, they may not be able to get more of it if it has been discontinued.

Points to Remember

If a company is offering cheap carpet installation prices that seem too good to be true, chances are that this usually will be the case. There are many fly by night companies that will get customers to pay for their products and installations and disappear without ever doing the work. As a result, it is recommended that estimates only be obtained from carpet companies that are reputable and known for performing the job properly. Before having any carpeting laid, it is essential to take proper measurements, as failure to do so could result in there not being enough carpeting to complete the installation – which could be problematic if product line has been discontinued.

Although it may sometimes be possible to get cheap carpet installation estimates, it is recommended that proper research be done before agreeing to have any company install carpeting. This will not only ensure that the job is done properly the first time round; it will also mean that the property owner in question will be able to enjoy using the carpeting for many years afterwards.

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