The Twisted Truth About Frieze Carpets

The frieze carpets, formerly referred to as shag carpets, are characterized by the tightly twisted fibers on their textured surface. Installing frieze carpeting on your floor will instantly create a comfortable, rugged, and shaggy feel to the room. Its texture gives a more distinct and unique look than other types of carpet.

Usually, the twisted fibers are uniformly colored. However, there are other varieties of frieze carpeting wherein the twisted fibers have specks of color or even bi-colored – two different colors twisted together. Frieze works well with any home arrangements. Installing frieze carpets results to an overall visual of tousled and informal setting.

Using frieze carpeting means having to spend more than usual to your carpeting needs. The frieze is a bit more expensive than other styles of carpet. The reinvented styles of frieze carpets are more stylish and durable than ever.

A huge reason for the frieze’s unparalleled durability is its construction. The twisted fibers of the frieze contributes to its longevity in use. In fact, the more times that the fibers are twisted, the more durable and resistant to wear the carpet is. A twisted fiber actually has the maximum strength than a long and relaxed one. The excessively twisted fibers in the frieze have the tendency to curl down. As a result, any repeated impacts on the fibers will not ruin any part of the carpet. The fibers will only resist the impact. Truly, frieze carpeting is guaranteed to endure long service time.

Using a frieze carpet will help in hiding seams due to its long fibers. There are instances wherein a seam is required for your carpet. This seam will give the appearance of a line through the carpet. Frieze carpets seam together perfectly and beautifully. Because of the long fibers, there will be no visible trace of the seam. This wonderful feature of the frieze makes them great for stairs and hallways with pickets. The seams where the frieze carpet is cut, usually around the posts, are hidden perfectly. The staples on the stairs are also hidden very well.

Unfortunately, the frieze is hard to clean and maintain. Because of its long and loose fibers, dirt and spills spread easily across the carpet. As such, you must make sure that the frieze carpet you will use has high stain resistance.

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