Knowing the Berber Carpet by its Loops

The low profile, loopy, and basic construction of the berber carpet has increased in popularity over the years. Formerly used as a covering for basements, attic, and home offices, this type of carpet has now been associated to be used for all areas of the home – more specifically in the living room.

The term ‘berber’ came from a tribe in North Africa with the same name. The Berber tribe was known for their unique weaving style – light background color with sparse flecks of darker colors, usually brown and gray, throughout the fibers. These berber flecks were usually found in carpets that have looped styles. From then on, this kind of workmanship was adapted and called as the berber carpet.

As the popularity of looped styles in carpets increased, the color preferences for the carpet became more varied – flecked, multi-colored, and even solid colored. The carpet’s surface consists of fibers formed into loops. The looped carpet feels comfortable to touch, yet stays firm underfoot. The overall visual effect of this type of carpet is casual, laid-back, and comfortable.

This simple, yet fully functional, design of the berber carpet is just one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for home furnishing. Aside from this, berber is more practical choice than other carpets. However, being less expensive does not mean that it has low quality. Needless to say, the berber gives more value to your money compared to others.

The fibers are made from olefin – a less resilient, yet less costly, fiber than the nylon or wool. The olefin fibers makes the carpet stronger and more durable. In addition to its relatively low cost, the berber is fairly easy to clean. Its looped construction helps in preventing any dirt to sink into the fiber immediately.

The berber’s proneness to snagging or running is one major disadvantage. Its loops makes it possible for anything to get caught up on them. Furniture, kid’s toys, and even your pet’s claws can ruin a good berber.

Indeed, the charm of the berber has gone out of the basement. It is now widely used in any parts of the house, even the stairs and railings. The humility of the berber carpet compliments any type of décor and setting. From contemporary to country, the looped carpet is a great choice.

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