What is LVT Flooring?

Over the past few years, more and more people have been asking, “What is LVT flooring?” LVT or luxury vinyl tile flooring consists of multiple layers of materials that have been heat and pressure fused together to develop a ‘tile’ of sorts that is not only able to replicate the appearance of hard wood or even natural stone flooring; the end result is a product that is extremely durable and resistant to most forms of general wear and tear.

The layers used to manufacture LVT flooring include:

  • A vinyl core
  • Vinyl backing
  • A printed film layer – this can consist of various color or design options
  • A clear protective layer, which is also known as a ‘wear layer.’ This layer is normally finished off with a highly durable polyurethane coat or film, and then finished off with silica bead, ceramic bead or aluminum oxide.

Common Myths Surrounding Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Below are some of the most common myths that many property owners believe to be true regarding LVT flooring.

  1. They Lack Visual Texture and Appeal

A common myth that people believe after asking, “What is LVT flooring?” is that this floor covering looks somewhat ‘flat’ and unattractive. While this may have been the case when these tiles were released on to the market approximately 40 year ago, this is no longer the case. Thanks to improved printing and manufacturing technologies, the appearance of these tiles has vastly improved – to the point where many of them look realistically similar to solid wood or stone flooring.

  1. The Design Will Wear Off Over Time

Many people are under the impression that the design on their LVT flooring is going to wear off over time. However, these tiles have now been designed with a durable clear top layer over the printed or textured layer. This helps to protect the printed layer against scuffing, chipping and scratching, meaning that these tiles will continue to look good for many years after being laid.

  1. It’s Expensive to Maintain

When asking, “What is LVT flooring?” home owners often express their concern about this type of floor covering being expensive to maintain. This is not the case though. Thanks to the fact that LVT flooring is so resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains, it eliminates the need for the flooring to be waxed, polished or treated with harsh chemical cleaning products to keep it looking good. Instead, all that is needed to keep this flooring clean and attractive is a weekly clean with a damp mop.

Now that you have received an answer to, “What is LVT flooring?” you can get on to choosing the right color and design to install in your home or business premises. Always ensure that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford and have your new flooring installed by a qualified and experienced installer or company. This will ensure that you get as much use out of it as possible – in many cases, it has been known to last for 20 years before needing replacement.

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