Shaw Polyester Carpet Review

When looking at the different carpets that are available these days, most property owners are in search of something that is not only durable; they expect their choices to be long-lasting and as affordable as possible as well. Thankfully Shaw floors have realized this and as a result, the company has released an extensive range of polyester carpeting products that are aesthetically appealing, highly durable and extremely affordable.

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Several Color and Texture Options to Choose from

These days, many property owners avoid using carpeting because they think that there will not be enough of a selection of colors or styles to choose from. However, after viewing some of the products in the Shaw range, they soon realize that they will be able to obtain polyester carpeting in virtually any color or style option – which will enable them to match it to their existing furniture and decor with ease.

Stain Protection

Along with one of the most extensive color and style ranges in the industry, some of the polyester carpets in the Shaw range have been manufactured with the company’s unique Lifeguard backing. This backing is waterproof, meaning that it prevents any spills from being able to soak through to underlay or subflooring. Over time, this will prevent mold from forming under and in the carpeting, and it will also ensure that the carpet looks good for a long time after being installed.

The LifeGuard protection not only prevents spills from penetrating through to the carpet underlay; it also provides property owners with enough time to act in the event of a spill or pet accident. This is because the carpet fibers have been designed to not absorb liquid or entrap dirt and grime – unless it is left unattended for an extended period of time.

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Always Follow Care Instructions

After having Shaw polyester carpets installed, it is essential that all care instructions be followed as closely as possible. For example, carpets should be vacuumed weekly to prevent a build-up of dirt and grime, and they should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep them looking attractive and to prevent them from becoming damaged.

When reading Shaw polyester carpet reviews, property owners should also be aware that they should be willing to spend as much as they can afford comfortably instead of searching for the cheapest possible price. This will ensure that a good quality carpet is installed on their properties.

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