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Tips for Choosing between Polyester and Nylon Carpet

The carpeting for your home or office should be made from a material that looks great and will stand up to years of practical wear. Nylon and polyester are both good choices, but to decide between the two of them will require you to consider the pros and cons of each one very carefully.


When comparing polyester vs nylon carpeting, nylon carpeting outlasts polyester considerably. That’s because polyester is very soft, and tends to become crushed under heavy traffic. As a result, it can appear worn much sooner than polyester would. If you are carpeting a high traffic area and would like your rug to last at least ten years, nylon would be the better choice. If you are carpeting a low traffic area, polyester might be the better deal for the money, especially if you only need the floor covering to last a few years.

Color and Appearance

Choosing between polyester vs. nylon carpeting can sometimes be a matter of aesthetics. When compared to nylon, polyester carpets have a more vibrant appearance. It is easier to dye polyester, which means that colors tend to appear brighter. When comparing nylon and polyester samples that are dyed the same shade, the nylon piece will appear duller and have a flatter finish. If your room receives a great deal of sunlight, it will take longer for the effects of UV rays to be noticeable when you have polyester carpets covering your floors.

Stain Resistance

When it comes to being stain-resistant, polyester carpets have a slight advantage over nylon rugs. Polyester consists of closed-cell fibers, which means there are no open fibers for stains to adhere to. Most of the time, polyester rugs will become soiled rather than stained, which involves dirt or oily residues becoming embedded in the fibers. That doesn’t mean nylon carpets are destined to become stained, as they also resist them rather well, especially if they are attended to right away. What’s more, they also resist mildew well, making them excellent choices for places where dampness could be a potential problem.


Polyester and Nylon Carpet Post ImageMany people choose polyester carpeting because it tends to run about half the price of nylon. Even so, it will normally need to be replaced much sooner, meaning that both fibers will end up costing about the same amount of money in the long run. If you change décor often or want to keep up with the latest floor covering trends, spending the extra money for nylon carpeting may not be advantageous, even if you are placing it in a relatively high traffic area.

Polyester and nylon both make excellent carpet choices for a number of reasons. You are not limited to only one of them, as many people choose nylon for one area and polyester for another. The important thing to remember when comparing polyester vs. nylon carpeting is that you will be adding beauty and value to your home no matter which one you choose.

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