What is VCT Flooring?

VCT or vinyl composite tile flooring is a form of floor covering that is mainly used in areas of homes and business properties where extremely high levels of foot traffic are experienced. Although many people get confused between vinyl tiles and vinyl composite tiles, vinyl composite tiles are a more up to date and versatile option than standard vinyl tiles. Below is a little more information that provides an answer to, “What is VCT flooring?”

Composition of VCT Flooring

When asking, “What is VCT flooring?” many property owners are surprised to find that it is manufactured in a similar manner to that of standard vinyl tiles. Both types of flooring contain PVC as the initial base substance, but vinyl composite tiles also contain a range of fillers that are made from various inorganic materials. The filler substances will vary depending on the color of the tiles as well as the company that manufactures them.

Common Characteristics of Vinyl Composite Tiles

Owing to the fact that the vinyl binders in vinyl composite tiles have been removed and replaced with inorganic filler substances, it renders VCT flooring far harder and more durable than regular or standard vinyl tiles. VCT flooring may not be as flexible as regular vinyl tiles, but a significant advantage is that VCT flooring is able to be buffed to an extremely high shine. This enables them to look a lot more attractive and aesthetically appealing than standard vinyl floor tiles. An important point to remember though is that because VCT flooring is less flexible, it must be installed on a completely smooth and level surface to prevent cracking.

General Appearance of VCT Flooring

Another commonly asked question after, “What is VCT flooring?” is, “What does VCT flooring look like and does it look different to regular vinyl floor tiles?” In short, these tiles don’t actually look much like the original vinyl tiles at all. VCT flooring is available in an extensive range patterns, color and texture options. It is even possible to obtain vinyl composite tiles in options that look like solid wood planks, stone or even patterns that resemble those of the older parquet flooring blocks – the options are virtually limitless these days.

In addition, VCT flooring can be installed either with or without grouting joins. However, this also depends on the tile being used because some may automatically include the appearance of grouting joins. This enables the floor to have the appearance of hard wood or even ceramic tiles without the challenge of installing these materials.

After asking, ‘What is VCT flooring?” many property owners want to know what it will cost them to install this flooring. This type of flooring can start from as little as $0.70 per square foot, making it one of the most affordable flooring options available. Although it can go up to around $10 per square foot, this is still far cheaper than many other types of flooring, especially when considering that ceramic tiles or carpets can cost far more than this.

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